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Commonly Asked Questions

May I bring my children food and/or snacks and drinks?


Yes! Pineywoods Family Supervision does not provide food, so we encourage parents to

bring age appropriate food, snacks and drinks. 


May I bring gifts for my children?


Yes, you are allowed to bring appropriate gifts for your children. Your supervisor has the right to inspect these gifts. Also, the child should be able to carry the gifts in one trip to the car. Remember that any gifts given to your child during a visit must be for the child to leave with. Parents are not permitted to give a child a gift with the condition that the parent will keep it until the next visit or when the child is able to come to their home. 


Am I allowed to use my cellphone during the visit?


No, cellphones must be turned off or silenced. You are not permitted to use your cell phone to show your child pictures and/or videos but you are welcome to bring hard copy photos to show them. Parents are not allowed to call other family members or facetime with other individuals during their visit unless your court order includes the name of the individual as being allowed to participate in the visits. 


Can I take pictures and/or videos of my child during the visit?


Parents are not allowed to take pictures or videos during the visit. However, upon request your supervisor will take several pictures of you and your children towards the end of the visit.  


What do I do when my child asks questions about the supervised visitation, the court case or if my child asks when they will be able to come to my house?


It is important that you do not make any promises to your child and do not discuss with them any details about the court case or other adult matters. If your child asks you these questions, it is best to say that you do not know what will happen in the future and then tell your child not to worry about it. It is best to reassure your child of your love and focus all your attention on spending quality time with your child. Check out the resources on this website for more tips on preparing yourself and your children for supervised visits. 


Can I have a visit with my child at a different location such as my house, a park or other special place?


We do offer off-site visits for an additional charge but your court order must include this as an option. The Supervisor will discuss with you, appropriate options and locations prior to scheduling the visit. For example, some activities are not conducive to monitoring parents and children, such as roller-skating, riding bicycles and swimming. 


Can I discipline my child during the supervised visit?


Parents are expected to parent their children during the visits and address any behavioral issues. However, the use of physical discipline (spanking, swatting, pinching, etc.) is not permitted. Parents can redirect children, use time out or take away certain toys if there are behavioral issues.  


May I check on my child during his/her visit with the other parent? 


No, parents who are dropping off their children for a supervised visit with the other parent are not allowed to have contact with their children during this time. If the children have cellphones, they will be required to turn them off during the visit.  If there is an emergency, the supervisor will contact you.  


May I stay in the building or close by after dropping off my child for a visit with the other parent?


Custodial parents or those transporting the children to and from the supervised visits with the other parent are not allowed to stay in the building or remain in the parking lot. You can park nearby as long as your vehicle is not visible from the outside of the office. There are times the children and parent will do activities outside and the children should not be able to see you or your vehicle. We understand this is stressful to you but the supervisor will provide a safe environment for your child while they spend time with the other parent. 

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